What  Zay Knife is Right for you?


Kitchen Knives

The chef's knife has been the most well-received blade I have made. These knives come very sharp and the hardened carbon steel will make them stay sharp longer. The edge is beveled all the way to the spine, making a thin cutting edge. These knives are made from 5/32in thick steel at the spine and becomes thin enough to shave hair at the edge. Perfect for your kitchen, or a gift for someone else's kitchen. 

Chef's knife, paring knife, clever, bread knife; I can make any knife you need!


The Bowie Knife

My specialty and favorite knife to make. The Bowie knife is the perfect knife for everyday carry if you're a real bad-ass. It's also THE perfect knife to add to your collection. 


Hunting Knife

The hunting knife is similar to a bushcrafting knife accept it's more cutting oriented. This knife can be used for stabbing and thrusting to penetrate while also maintaining a razor sharp edge to slice. This is the kind of knife I would take fishing and cut my steak with.