What  Zay Knife is Right for you?

Handmade Knives In Maine

Kitchen Knives

My hand forged kitchen knives are all made from extremely high quality high carbon steel. High carbon steel is a much higher quality steel for cutting tools. It can hold a much sharper edge, for much longer than stainless steels. The dark portion of the steel is actually the evidence that the blade was forged by hand! It is what the steel looks like right off the anvil. All of these handmade kitchen knives have the rough forge texture, and then become a highly polished and serviceable cutting tool. This is what I feel sets my knives apart from any others you’ll find!

Chefs knife, paring knife, clever, bread knife, fillet; I can make any knife you need!

Friction folding knife made in maine

Friction Folding Pocket Knives

What makes these friction folding pocket knives unique is that there is no locking mechanism in the knife. Instead a tab in forged at the end of the blade, and the tab is used to open the blade, and goes under your hand during use, so there is no chance of it closing.

The handles are made from forged steel, and encase the blade like a taco shell.

These knives are a fantastic choice to carry on a daily basis, they are slim, light, and easy to use.

Hand made bowie knife Maine

The Bowie Knife

Bowie knives are an American classic. Large blades generally made for all purpose, but with a combat element to them, with the back edge. I make these blades big and stylish. A great knife for the collection.

Hunting knife made in maine

Utility Fix Blade Knives

Usually between 7-9in overall, with a 3-4in blade. These knives can be made in full tang or hidden tang. Forged from high carbon steel. A great choice for everyday carry with one of my leather sheaths. These knives are durable and hold a good edge that you can rely on.