My name is Isaiah Washington I'm 21, I live in Auburn Maine. I have been making knives for three years now and I have decided to devote all my time to perfecting the craft of bladesmithing. I started blacksmithing and quickly realized that bladesmithing was what I wanted to do, I found myself only wanting to make knives and trying to make the next one better than the last. I make all the knives featured on my site and on my other media outlets myself. I take great pride in my work and I hope to make you a happy customer.


Where else can my work be found?

I have some of my work in two different stores here in Maine!

Strata in Portland ME. Strata is a kitchen knife retail store, that also offers a knife sharpening and polishing service. Contact them for any of my knives available in their store. https://www.strataportland.com/ 93 Washington Ave. Unit 4, Portland, Maine

Casco Bay Cutlery in Freeport ME. Casco bay cutlery is a kitchenware and cutlery store. My knives can be found in the display of knives in the store. Contact them for any of my knives available in their store. https://www.freeportknife.com/ 5 Depot Street, Suite 11, Freeport, ME