Wakizashi Samauri Sword Hand forged.

Wakizashi Samauri Sword Hand forged.


This is a handmade Wakizashi Samurai sword. This sword would have been used as a side sword to go along with their Katana, this blade would have also been a tool used for a Samurai’s ritualistic suicide known as Sepuku or Hara-Kiri.

I made this blade from 1075 spring steel, which is a great steel for swords due to its flexibility, durability, and edge retention. The Habaki (the fitting on top of the guard of Tsuba) is made from mild steel. In the Habaki I inlayed copper, and it says ‘Samurai’ in Japanese. The Tsuba (or guard) of the sword is made from mild steel, and also has inlayed copper. Sitting on top of the Tsuba is a sheet of copper. Beneath the clothe wrap is a texture paper. And beneath that is a hard wood called Paduak.

Take a look at the blade, you can easily see the two toned difference in the steel. This is called the Hamon in Japanese. This effect is caused by differentially hardening the blade. Which means the edge has been hardened, while the spine of the blade remains soft. In this case and in Japanese tradition, this is done by packing clay to insulate the top of the blade during the hardening process, in which the blade is heated up and quenched in water or oil. After the blade was polished to 2500 grit and show this beautiful effect.

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