Multi-bar Damascus Steel Viking Pukko Knife

Multi-bar Damascus Steel Viking Pukko Knife


This knife was made in a construction method developed by Scandinavian smiths, by taking different bars of steel,fusing them together, and forging a knife out of it. In this case, I took 4 bars of steel, the top two bars (looks like one) are 36 layer twisted pattern damascus, the middle bar is mild steel, from a railing at my moms house that was build in the 60's, and the edge is 36 layer twisted damascus.

The handle is made from Olive wood, and deer antler.

I made the leather sheath and added some tooling detail to the piece. The style of sheath is also a Scandinavian style. It is very enjoyable to have on your belt, and very handy.

All my knives are forged by hand, I have been making knives for 3 years, I am 21 years old. If you're interested in more info on me or more knives you can follow my social media, Zay Knives on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and my website.

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