Handmade Forged Chef Knife

Handmade Forged Chef Knife


This handmade chefs knife is made from tempered 1095 high carbon steel to hold a razor sharp edge longer than any knife you can buy in a store. This blade was differentially hardened giving them a unhardened spine with a hard edge, this effect can be seen by the beautiful hamon line that waves across the blade. 
The main body of the handle of this knife was made from very hard and durable Katalox wood. Handle is topped with brass.

Every single blade is forged by hand, which means I take a bar of steel and forge it to shape like blacksmiths have done for thousands of years. This makes every single knife I make a one of a kind piece. 

This blade features something that no stock removal blade can have, something that can ONLY be found on a hand forged piece; fire scale from the forging was left on the flat/spine of the blade. This gives the blade a unique rustic finish that I like to do on my blades. The spine is rouge from the creation of the piece, and it then bevels down into the polished and highly refined cutting edge. 

*This knife comes with an edge guard for easy storage. 

Blade Length: 6in
Overall: 10.5

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