Hand Made Friction Folding Knife w/ Rarewood Handle

Hand Made Friction Folding Knife w/ Rarewood Handle


*These blades are fantastic for everyday carry. If you're looking for a stylish, unique hand made blade, crafted from high quality material this is the knife for you! * 

This hand forged friction folding knife was made from 1095 high carbon steel. High Carbon steel holds a sharper edge, for substantially longer than any cheap stainless steel knife that is mass produced. This flat clip point blade has a distal taper, making the blade thinner from ricasso to point. This makes the blade or durable and more practical to use. 

This blade features something that no stock removal blade can have, something that can ONLY be found on a hand forged piece; fire scale from the forging was left on the flat/spine of the blade. This gives the blade a unique rustic finish that I like to do on my blades. The spine is rouge from the creation of the piece, and it then bevels down into the polished and highly refined cutting edge. 
Wood used for the handle is Honduras Rosewood.
A friction folding knife is a unique folder because there actually isnt any locking mechanism. Instead it is held closed and open by friction from the handle. To secure the blade further a finger tab is folded over and ends up being under the hand during use. This makes sure the blade cannot mover during use. 

Blade Length 3.5in
Overall: 7
Blade was polished to 400 grit.

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