Hand Made 7 Piece Kitchen and Steak Knife set

Hand Made 7 Piece Kitchen and Steak Knife set

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I made this 7 piece set the same way people have made knives for thousands of years, I heated the metal up and I hammered it to shape. All of these knives are forged by hand. You can see they are hand forged by the dark rustic look at the top of all the blades. This effect is that the steel looks like right off the anvil!

The handles are made from purple heart wood, black palm wood, and brass.

This set took me 14 days to finish, and I am very proud of these knives. They would make a great gift for the whole family this Christmas.

My Knives are made from 1095 High Carbon steel, which means they hold a edge sharper and longer than any stainless steel that you'll find in a store. Carbon steel also develops a patina, which means the acid in the food reacts to the surface of the steel. This will be seen as different colors like blue, brown, and red. This also means the knives can rust, so they have to be washed after use, and wiped dry and left to dry in the air.

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