Hand Forged Bold Layered Damascus Steel Chefs Knife

Hand Forged Bold Layered Damascus Steel Chefs Knife

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This blade is forged from 22 layer high carbon Damascus steel!

The handle is made from Birdeye Maple (main body), African ebony, topped with Nickel Silver.

One of my handmade damascus steel chef knives are made from high carbon damascus steel (15N20, 1084). They are hardened and tempered, and come with a razor sharp edge the will stay sharp longer. They are forged by hand and polished, then dipped into acid to reveal the pattern within the steel. The blade is finished with a protective coating of food safe mineral oil to protect the blade from rust.

The handle is based from a Japanese style of kitchen knife construction. These handles feature multiple different materials stacked on top of one another and secured by a hidden tang inside the wood.

Damascus steel is created by taking the two different kinds of steel, stacking them on top of eachother alternating and forging them together into one bar, then folding them to double the layer count. And doing that over and over again until the desired layer count has been reached. From there I begin to forge the material I have created into a knife! The knife is then ground and polished, a handle is fit to the blade, and a razor sharp edge is put on the piece.

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