Forged Damascus Steel Carry Knife w/ Leather Sheath

Forged Damascus Steel Carry Knife w/ Leather Sheath


Hand forged from low layer damascus steel! This fancy steel was made by combining two different types of steel and fusing them together in overlapping layers. This knife has 18 layers of steel inside it! This handsome knife also has filework carved into the spine of the knife. The handle features beautiful Indian Ebony wood secured by nickle silver pins.

This damascus steel is made from 2 different types of steel, 1084 which is a high carbon steel. and 15n20 which is a carbon steel that has nickel in it! This is was allows the contrast in the two metals! Being carbon steel means it is extremely high quality and durable, easy to sharpen and holds a edge longer than stainless steel!

The leather sheath was also hand made by me. The leather has been tooled with several different designs creating a very classy and stylish design. The sheath has a belt loop so it can be carried at the waist.

Indian Ebony Wood Handle

Overall: 8in

Blade Length: 4in

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