Forged Chefs Knife

Forged Chefs Knife

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This knife was made the same way people have made knives for thousands of years! Heated in my forge and hammered to shape. The evidence of this can been seen on the spine of the blade. The black forge scale on the blade is actually what the steel looks like right off the hammer and anvil! This gives the knife a rustic and hand made look.

Forged from 1084 high carbon steel. High carbon steel holds a sharper edge for much longer than stainless steels. But the knife has to be taken care of. This means you have to rinse and dry the blade after every use.

The blade will also develop a patina, a patina is the acid from the foods reacting to the steel. This will create an effect of ghostly colors on the surface of the steel. Colors like blue, red, and brown can be seen, sometimes even green.

Handle is made from, Aluminum, Beech wood, and Black Palm Wood

7in Blade

11.5in Overall

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