Forged Chefs Knife

Forged Chefs Knife

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This knife was made the same way people have made knives for thousands of years! Heated in my forge and hammered to shape. The evidence of this can been seen on the spine of the blade. The black forge scale on the blade is actually what the steel looks like right off the hammer and anvil! This gives the knife a rustic and hand made look.

This knife has a hidden tang construction, which means the wood was hallowed and fit to the knife. The handle is made from African Tiama wood, a smaller piece of African Ebony, topped with brass. Securing the handle together is a brass pin.

High Carbon steel is the way to go if you care for you knives. High carbon steel develops a patina overtime. This will appear on the knife as different colors appearing on the surface of the blade. What is happening is the acids from the food reacting to the iron. So the life of everything you cut with your high carbon steel knife will leave its mark on the blade.

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