Civil War inspired 'Bowie Cutlass' Knife Hand Forged

Civil War inspired 'Bowie Cutlass' Knife Hand Forged

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This awesome blade was hand forged by me, My name is Isaiah Washington, I am 20 years old and have been making knives full time for the past year. I added a picture of the blade after forging for proof that it was forged by hand. 

I forged this blade by hand out of 1/4in 1075 high carbon steel. This blade was inspired by my love of civil war history with the twist of a cutlass like design. This is personally my favorite knife I have ever made, I made it with the intention to keep it, but I decided to let someone else appreciate  it. The blade is 12 inches of badass Bowie knife. The blade is doubled edged half way to the point. The bevel is ground in all the way from the spine of the blade down to the edge, making it extremely deadly. The guard is made out of rebar, it consists of 3 different prongs coming down in a D shape to the bottom of the handle, covering the hand much like a cutlass guard. The handle is made of a few different components. The first being Cocobolo wood the pretty dark brown wood cut against the grain. Between all the pieces of wood is small steel spacers, Then a small piece of African blackwood, then in the middle a piece of dark red Austrian Jarral wood. The handle is shaped perfectly for swinging the blade. The point of balanced is PERFECT on this knife, it is right on the ricasso (the part of the knife connected to the guard. 

I enjoyed making this blade and I hope you enjoy owning it. Any questions please ask, and if you'd like to check out some of my other work go check out my website

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